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Artist:              Teresa Kelly
Location:        Portreath, Cornwall, England.
Educated:      Camborne Grammar Scool for Girls.
Training:         Self-Taught.
Medium:         Soft Pastels.

Teresa Kelly was born and still lives in Cornwall, England. Teresa comes from an artistic background, her mother is cornish painter, Pat Kelly and her paternal grandmother was Harriet Kelly, a gifted painter in India during the 1920's.  She has had no formal training in art & painting.

Teresa has developed her style, using the difficult and challenging medium of soft pastels. With this, she finds she can achieve the light, colour, line and moods of the cornish landscape. She also finds pastels ideal for portraiture.
She has exhibited her work at numerous venues in cornwall over the last fifteen years and has commissions for clients, worldwide.

Teresa gains inspiration from the little fishing village of Portreath , where she lives, and her bike rides along the north cliffs near her home. She has also been inspired by the light and loneliness of the Faulkland Islands and the character and culture of the Himalayan people.
Since becoming a christian in 1986, Teresa's work has developed more meaning. She hopes to convey the beauty of creation and the love of God for His people, through her work. Teresa has a small studio, surrounded by woodland, where she finds the peace and prayerful solitude conducive to her work.